Google Scholar Alert: FullText@Abertay Links Temporarily Missing

We’ve been notified by ProQuest that our 360 Link links (FullText@Abertay) are currently missing from Google Scholar.  This will hopefully be restored by Wednesday 16th December 2015.


When searching Google Scholar on-campus, FullText@Abertay links will show automatically in your search results. You can add these in your settings so that they will also show when using Google Scholar off-campus.

Here’s the full details from ProQuest:

“We have traced the cause to a timing glitch with the quarterly release of our 360 products which went out last Friday.  Unfortunately the timing of this release interrupted the weekly process by which Google files are generated.  This caused files for several libraries to be “empty” at the time that Google retrieved them from us.

While the problem has been resolved on our end, unfortunately Google will only index the files on a weekly basis.  This means the problem will not be corrected for your users until next Tuesday night/Wednesday morning when the next Google cycle completes.”

Summon is still working without issue so you can link out to all of our content from there. But, if you use Google Scholar and are used to seeing articles provided by Abertay in your results, you’ll have to wait a few days for this to return to normal.

Want to know more about Google Scholar and how to get the most out of this resource? 

If you have any queries about this, or any other E-resource issue, please contact us

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